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Ephedra Lawsuits

Due to deaths that some people believe are related to the use (and/or misuse) or ephedra and ephedrine based dietary supplements, a long line of trial lawyers are hoping to cash in, be it via class action suits or by way of individual lawsuits.



Metabolife may be the company facing the most trouble at this point. The federal government is probing the company for any potential cover-ups of documentation, studies, etc. linking its ephedra-based products with serious side effects and/or health problems. And, on top of that, the above link contains information about a class-action suit on behalf on people who "suffered serious side effects such as heart attack, stroke, seizure or psychosis as a result of using a Metabolife product."

Ephedra Lawsuit Settlements

This site doesn't have loads of information, but it does contain information on some recent settlements (including more information about Metabolife).

The $7.4 Million Verdict

The July 2004 ruling against Metabolife in a Houston court is what turned the trial lawyers from interested to super-aggressive. The above link is to an Associated Press story about the verdict and the fallout after the ruling.

Xenadrine Lawsuits

I don't want it to look like I'm picking on Metabolife (which has plenty of its own problems right now); here's information on Cytodyne Technologies (the makers of Xenadrine) being sued by eight counties and one city... in California. The suit alleged misleading advertising.