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Ephedrine Info

Contrary to popular belief, Ephedrine is still available legally for sale in the United States. The catch is that companies can sell it as a bronchodilator (medicine for people suffering for asthma). Because it's not marketed as a weight-loss product or a supplement, it does not fall under the ephedra ban of April 12, 2004. Click on the below link for more details.

Details on buying Ephedrine legally

October 11, 2005
The New York Times reports that Bitter Orange is now under scrutiny for causing potential health problems. When combined with caffeine, the supplement can suppress appetite, though not as effectively as ephedra. A new study from the University of California at San Francisco revealed that information (as if anyone who's tried both couldn't attest to that), but the study also found that Bitter Orange can raise blood pressure and heart rate in people when combined with caffeine.

Bitter Orange Under Scrutiny (Registration Required)

October 7, 2005
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill that prohibits high school athletes from taking three nutritional supplements: synephrine, ephedra and DHEA. The bill also requires students to sign a pledge not to use the supplements, and bars supplement manufacturers from sponsoring school events.

July 29, 2005
NBC News did a story about Bitter Orange, which many NBC affiliates picked up on. The crux of the story is that some are trying to draw a parallel between Bitter Orange and Ephedra, though in lazy fashion, the story only includes comments from one doctor, who claims that "little is known about the safety of herbs like Bitter Orange as part of a dietary supplement." Much like Ephedra (and Ephedrine), Bitter Orange is most effective at appetite suppression when combined with caffeine... which is what is being criticized in the article.

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